Monday, August 30, 2010

It's just been...

one of those days...

The weather has been beautiful, not too hot (in the shade); a nice breeze, blue skies.

I've been on campus: which means I got the latest issue of Poets & Writers ... provided to me, by the program!

Which leads to an epiphany--

Thank goodness I am here, specifically at this MFA program. It fits like a glove.
Hay. Maker.

When I see mention of "us" (because that's how I refer to the program already) , I get rather excited. I point "us" out. I talk "us" up.

It's only the third week of classes and I'm Ms. Mary Sunshine. Sure, I have the great "fear" about classwork...the papers, the reading, the writing, the teaching assignment in November--

But between the Scrabble (and every other version we've played)--and the adult beverages (Trivia Night)--and the lunchtime confessions-- I feel a special kinship/bond with so many people...the layers are so beautiful.

There is the politics of graduate school to deal with, of course. But that's pretty normal, average, typical of any situation...I'm not naive.

And again, the weather--the town--the people. I went to the local farmer's market last week and can't wait to go again tomorrow. I enjoy the "walking" part (not the "sweaty" part).

Like I said, it's just been one of those days.


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Kelly said...

Yay! Your post made me smile. Glad you are right where you belong.


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