Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interperting the King*

*I mean, ELVIS (of course)

Everytime (or anytime) I am outside of Memphis, it amuses me to see/hear mention of Elvis Presley...

This year, in particular--I missed Elvis Week. Did I really miss it or was I simply not in town for it?

OF COURSE I *missed* it!

I wondered WHERE he was going to crop up, and I am always curious as to HOW he is portrayed.

Of course, I'm a fan--so I always cross my fingers that when I do "see" him that it's a positive experience (although I do have a sense of humor about the world as well).

So imagine my surprise when wandering around downtown MillHOTledgeville and seeing a sign advertising "The Velvet ELVIS Supper Club."

Then imagine my surprise when our little crew ventured in the other night (before the place really got hopping) for dinner and drinks. One person said it "was in honor of Janet" even. Awwww.

I took special care to notice the menu--looking for anything to "write home about."

It wasn't anything too special, but after some research I found out that the menu seems to have gone through a lot of changes. What I saw is just a tiny piece of all the Memphis/Elvis mentions that have previously been there.

I thought this was current menu item interesting:

Fat Elvis Burger: A hand mix of andouille sausage and ground chuck topped with blue cheese crumbles.

Obviously it was an ode to 1976 Elvis as opposed to 1956 Elvis (I didn't see "Hot Elvis" as a menu choice)--and I don't know what andouille has to do with The King (Louisana Hayride?)...and was he even a fan of blue cheese crumbles?

It was an attempt. It was in good spirit. It put me in a particular "mood" (but that could've been the jukebox or inexpensive adult beverages).

I'll take it (because for now, it has to do).


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