Friday, August 20, 2010

In a southern town...

Most of campus looks like this...I'm not kidding. It is beautiful.

I haven't decided which official (Weather Channel) phrase is my favorite when it comes to the weather here in Hotledgeville (more on the name in a minute):

Dangerous heat index.
Oppressive humidity.

Either way, it's HOT (blazing, parching, roasting, searing). You get the idea.

Thankfully my apartment alongside the two buildings on campus I'm living in (hey, I have the keys) are perfect. But it's a bit discerning when you show up to class with your clothes stuck to your body AND your face is the color of red Kool-Aid.

Hotledgeville was coined earlier in the week by one of my witty classmates (they're all witty) . She lives in Hotlanta (nickname of Atlanta) and decided after going home for the weekend that our little town is definitely hotter.

Despite the weather, I've survived my first week of graduate school.

There were a few hours of complete "freak out" when I started compiling syllabi and noticing how much I have DUE in a relatively short amount of time. BUT I finished my first essay/response to a handout and things got better.

I do start working hours as a Writing Center Consultant this upcoming week, so I may as well schedule another "freak out" session now.

Some Fun Parts of the Past Week include: Scrabble, Trivia Night, getting lost, and eating watermelon in the MFA office.


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