Saturday, May 2, 2009

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

(Robert Frost)

So here I sit, the rain is coming down in steady streams and I am on "vacation." This is a vacation from work--(paid, for the next week)--as I have plenty of "school" work to complete in order to end this semester successfully.

To Do:
*study for Editing
*study for American Gothic (comprehensive! writing-intensive!)
*study for Modern Brit Lit
*revise a B+ 1,800 word paper (because torturing myself is fun)
(poetry writing & fiction workshop is complete)

And the grand new announcement--the crazy realization I am ready to share with the world: I want to continue being a student for as long as est, I want to go to graduate school!!

I've had this notion in the back of my mind all semester. I first said it aloud to my Fiction Workshop professor during a scheduled conference. She was very receptive and complimentary, offering to do whatever she can to help me.

One Reason for this Epiphany:

*I love school (plain and simple)*

Being on campus over the last two semesters has been an absolute pleasure. I feel alive and complete as soon as I begin interacting with classmates and professors.

My mid-morning Patterson Lobby Crew on Tuesdays & Thursdays...priceless.

Anything involving literature this semester has been fulfilling. Inspiration struck and I am ready to start working on my own "Gothic" genre piece.

I learned the first 14-lines of a poem taught in one class for recitation in another class.

The very idea of being in front of a college classroom--teaching writing or literature or composition makes my brain explode. I LOVE being around creative and intelligent people & they are all over the place!

Memphis? George Mason? Florida? LSU? Alabama?
Oh, the Places I want to Go!

But first there is the business of my BA (English--Creative Writing/Journalism minor)...December 2009 seems to be the month...but then again, I have four days until my first Final Exam...priorities, priorities.



Anonymous said...

Somehow, I thought that thought would hit you at some point. I understand the energy you feel on a college campus. It's probably the reason I have two bachelors, a masters and 30 hours over a masters. Trust me, I finally got over it!! D

Anonymous said...

priorities - birthday plans!!!

ive heard GMU has an excellent program, exceptional staff, awe-inspiring students. just through the grapevine, ya know.

janet said...

Yes, birthday plans!

Do you know any of the awe-inspiring students personally? OH! Wait! I actually do!



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