Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring leads to Summer:

The semester is "officially" in the books.

I looked Online today and saw my grades nicely and neatly calculated--including all the GPA information. I'm very proud to say that my last "full-time" semester as an undergraduate resulted in another stint on the Dean's List.

*throws confetti*

Two more classes (5 hours) along with the big, bad "German language for Credit" oral and written exam (9 hours) is all that stands between me and the elusive BA in English (Creative Writing)! I can barely believe it!

Now that I'm full-speed ahead on planning the next "round" of schooling. *whew*

Aside from finishing out a successful semester I have also "turned" another year older since the last time I updated. No need to worry about the numbers, folks. The only thing that really matters is:

3 nights of celebration!

1) Chicken Salsa Fresca + 2 Sangria Swirl Margaritas + 2 shots of Patron...oh my my!
2) Bosco's Squared + The Blue Monkey + Bayou Bar & Grill patio...
3) Florentine Salad + Stuffed Shells + a Trivial Pursuit VICTORY...

Thank you, Thank you--I am still alive!

I have even started my Summer Reading/Film Program™...that will get its very own blog entry, naturally.

Epiphany: Sometimes I feel like a force of nature, but sometimes I only feel like a little firefly in the night.


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