Saturday, January 17, 2009

Classes resume:

The "Spring" semester officially started last week (Thursday, 15th) at the University of Memphis.

It was a very, very long day. Three classes--all but one went the "entire" allotted time...but it wasn't too painful because I knew several of my classmates already.

Initial Observations

(1) Editing will be interesting. It is by far the smallest college class I have ever taken (as far as enrollment is concerned) & I am the only non-journalism major. It is my last class in the department, which is exciting.

We already have homework--I get to go through the AP Stylebook!

I am really excited about our weekly "journal" in which we have to scour newspapers (and magazines) and include a “word of the week,” a “catch of the week,” a favorite headline of the week and favorite passage of the week.

Sounds nerdy enough for me, right? WOO!

(2) Poetry Writing will be very interesting. There were several familiar faces (5) and two of them I adore greatly!

I don't have too much to say about this class (we don't even have a syllabus yet) but I can say that it will be refreshingly different from the poetry class I took last semester.

& finally...

(3) Brit Lit since 1750...containing more familiar faces held in the same classroom as two of my classes LAST semester...will be an experience.

We have homework already as well.

I am looking forward to this class very much, I adore literature--and we get to concentrate on the Romantic and Victorian Periods. Woo!

Also my professor is very interested in the cultural and political climate of Britain at the time, so the history class I took this past summer should come in handy (which is why I took it in the first place).


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