Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaguration, y'all!

So I woke up Tuesday morning at the “crack of dawn” as they say completely aware that in a land far, far away (Washington, D.C.) history would be unfolding soon enough.

Politics aside, it’s 6 a.m. and I’m going through all the “getting ready for school” motions while glued to CNN.

By the time I was driving to campus, there were big, fluffy snowflakes falling and I couldn’t help from giggling. Really? It was absolutely beautiful walking scurrying across campus to my first class.

Big blue sky. Happiness in the streets. I couldn't get the smiling freezing faces out of my mind (thank you news media).

While working on an assignment in EDITING I clicked and refreshed websites looking for updated photos and my glimpse at the First Couple. Lovely frocks all around. Fantastic.

Sadly due to my schedule, I was unable to *watch* the swearing-in ceremony LIVE. I got to listen to some of Obama's speech in the hallways though and that satisfied my soul.

After classes (and before work) I watched Barack & Michelle (and Joe & Jill) walking along the parade route. Memorable. Following work (it was eerily quiet all night) I rushed home to watch ball after ball after ball.

I've read articles from different sources and newspapers (online) along with international reaction. I've listened to "upset evangelicals" on a national call-in radio show. I'm paying attention to everyone else's opinion.

For my own: I'm absolutely proud of my country in this moment. May this signal a new age. May this fuzzy feeling last for more than a week.


p.s. Be sure to check out all the amazing photos available through CNN, Yahoo and The Washington Post online. The view from a satellite hoovering over Earth is spectacular.

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