Monday, August 18, 2008


(starting tomorrow)

After spending half of the day as a "juror-in-waiting" something unexpected happened around 3 this afternoon in downtown Memphis. I was chosen as a Juror on a Murder Trial!

About 45 of us were ushered into a court room at 201 Poplar. We were informed of the seriousness of the situation before 18 were called up to sit in the potential jury box. My breathing kept becoming less labored...until I heard my name called.

We were each questioned by the judge as well as lawyers representing the state and the defense. Four of us were dismissed and then the two alternates were chosen. How close was I to becoming an alternate? Technically I was Juror #11. Yes, that close.

I am somewhat interested in this whole process, but the thought of being 1/12th responsible for the outcome of a criminal case is quite nerve-racking...prayer-worthy...upsetting...scary.

Thankfully, it is not a Death Penalty case.

I am EXHAUSTED and have to have my bags packed and be ready to go by morning light for the rest of the week (at least). Who knows when I'll be back from this adventure.

This is quite an interesting way to spend my last week before CLASSES START!


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