Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When packing...

for an extended (unknown) stay in which I'll be completely shut off from the outside world and have no access to newspapers, television, friends & family, a cell phone or the Internet, I BRING:

1) my best friend's iPod (but once it runs out of juice, I'll probably cry)

2) Travel Scrabble (may there be another Scrabbler amongst the Jury)

3) Sharpie Pens (but OF COURSE!)

4) Steno Pad (personal writing and note taking because a "writer" is always taking notes)

5) comfortable clothes (can't be capris, only "long" pants)

6) I'm going to run out for some "mini" shampoos (etc.)

7) Bare Escentuals (ha ha ha!)

8) Rolling Stone & Cooking Light (I heard books were hard to focus on)

9) Chocolate & Advil (for deliberations)


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