Saturday, September 18, 2010

GA-49 S

This afternoon was filled with exploration (the best way to put it).

Macon, the six largest city in Georgia was our target.

Milledgeville is filled with charm, but it is missing a few (Target, PetSmart, Best Buy, Staples, Marshalls...) things.

Of course, this is probably why it is still so charming and quaint.

We had a very nice lunch in historic downtown Macon (see picture of fountain, above) before hitting the shopping centers.

Lemongrass (a Thai bistro) is the kind of place where the food is so pretty, you consider not eating it...I did some research after the fact, and the chef was an executive chef at the InterContinental Hotel in NYC for four years.

My previous Thai food experience was a negative one and even though it still not my most favorite food, I do appreciate it now. This is some of our fare, straight from the menu:

Pad Ei Eew Moo: Stir-fried broad noodles with broccoli rabe, egg and tender pork in a rich brown sauce

Panang Nua: Spicy Panang beef curry with eggplant, long beans, lime leaves and topped off with a dash of coconut milk

Tom Kha Gai: Spicy coconut milk soup with chicken, galanga and lime juice

The shopping was as fun as retail can be. I forgot what it was like to be in that environment though, especially since I haven't worked in a retail setting for more than a month now. I do NOT miss it, not one bit!

(Save for the people, of course)

Other cities I want to visit: Athens, Augusta, Savannah, and Valdosta.


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