Thursday, September 30, 2010

...A Memoir...


So, one of my classmates (a fellow 1st year student) has taken to adding A Milledgeville Memoir to some of the things I say--it works because they are TRUE (and maybe just a little bit on the funny and or clever side).

The first time it happened, we were on our way back from an overnight trip to Atlanta. We were on Highway 441 riding to Milledgeville and I was giddy, waiting for the black and white splotches of the moo-cows.

"We're coming up on cows, I can feel it," I said.

She, with all her wisdom replied, "Coming Up on Cows...I like it."

A couple days later we were eating lunch together in the MFA office. talking about the very taut tomatoes purchased at Trader Joe's in ATL. One had just jumped out of her salad bowl and onto the carpet. She marched to the white erase board and wrote:

Coming Up Cows: A Milledgeville Memoir

Taut Tomatoes: A Milledgeville Memoir

in red or blue...or actually it was black dry erase marker. I don't know how long these potential titles stayed on the board, a couple days? I tried to imagine the giggle, sigh, or eye-roll they must've produced.

LAST NIGHT--it happened again. I sent her message--a desperate OMG WTF are we doing text that simply read, Jesus Christ, Graduate School...she replied with:

Jesus Christ, Graduate School: A Milledgeville Memoir

what a way to break the stress into pieces, right? And it's probably my favorite one to date (although I really do love the moo-cows).

See what fantastical friends I have floating about? (alliteration, fools!) I really don't know what I'd do without them.


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