Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hodge Podge:

I have a favorite cough drop. What? I never never considered myself a connoisseur, but days of "sick" have made me so:

1) Lemon Mint (sugarfree) by Ricola
2) Juicy Strawberry Refresh (sugarfree) by Halls

& other random news/thoughts:

*World Cup is over (almost) and Germany stands at #3 as far as the tournament is concerned. With such a young squad, I can only imagine what 2014 will bring...

*I have a place to live in Milledgeville--and a roommate too. Funny how quickly the pieces can fall into place.

*Dancing around with complete abandon while singing into a makeshift microphone never goes out of style. It was awesome when I was 12, and it's awesome twenty years later. (Having friends to play along is a plus.)

*Small gifts can mean so much, doubly so when the words, "and it's really poetic" are used to describe it. Especially when you never expected to hear those words fall from his mouth.

*Sleep. Sleeping. You never realize how precious it is until it's difficult to do.

*Flying an Airplane dreams (when they come) haunt me. As scary and chaotic as they are, it's nice to read that they "suggest being in control of your destination in life."

*Reading from collections of short stories only makes me want to write short stories. I haven't had the "energy" to write this is half good and half bad.

*Team Jacob (mostly because he reminds me of a high school crush, mostly)


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