Saturday, July 31, 2010

At the End, At the Beginning

Since I’m leaving the state (really soon) I have made an honest attempt to go through all of the drawers and boxes which encompass the two rooms I call “mine.”

It’s no secret that I’m a pack rat. But I’m pretty sure I haven’t reached “hoarding” proportions, yet.

Nothing is random. Nothing.

I do have a gazillion or so ticket stubs (movies, games, concerts), cards (birthday, thank you, playing), alongside name badges (work, work, work) floating about...

You know that full page ad Shane Battier took out to thank the city when he was traded to Houston? I have that. (It was the end of my great Memphis Grizzlies love affair, after all)

I have pictures from when the Grizzlies revealed their new uniforms downtown for the public. That means a very proud Lorenzen Wright strutting around.

One of the last things the (now defunct) Growlers (grassroots supports' group for our local NBA team) did was to give all of our monies to the Sierra Wright Scholarship Foundation when we disbanded.

As a Growler board member I was able to attend a lot of events/games when the team was new in town. So, I have several pieces autographed by Ren.

Off the court, he always had a smile on his face to balance the scowl and ferocity he had when playing the game.

It’s been hard to think about a lot of things lately and his murder is only the tip of the iceberg.

The world is nonsensical, random, and connected all at the same time.

None of these actual things are being thrown away though; only organized and condensed into manageable forms. Such is my life, mind, and emotions.

I'm often asked HOW I remember all the things I do. And I don't know. Maybe the physical things I chose to keep rather than discard help. But really, the power of "recall" is truly a gift.

I'm just going to continue keeping and writing as I go along my path; it's all part of the next chapter.


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