Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bread & Butter & Apocalyptic Wal-Mart!

Searching for big deals, I entered a store in the middle of a "remodel"...

Great decision on my part!

I found beautiful "stuffs" to pack away just in time for the "big move" (in 22 days or so).

Bathroom stuffs

"school supply" stuffs...


*Never Been Kissed (and Mr. Coulson) rub my nerdy high school heart the right a Jake Ryan sorta way!

*Carrying around a real autopsy report or court case for fiction-writing purposes is creepy, no matter how much I try to pretend otherwise.

*Hot in Cleveland is damn hilarious--and I caught an episode with a surprise appearance by George Newbern!

*Ever since I served as a juror on a murder trial, I am obsessed with "watching" trials. There was another one this week that had my attention and thanks to super blogging, I was able to follow right along...

*Watching a friend laugh so hard he doubles over and nearly forgets to breath is quite a beautiful sight/sound.

*I'm still barking and hacking away despite being thoroughly medicated...

*Tomorrow is my last scheduled Monday in the retail pharmacy world!


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