Monday, June 7, 2010

To Continue:

Last week was a rough one.

Too many departures, of the known and "un" known variety--moving me in different and personal ways.

Almost too much to handle, really.

One of my favorite television characters, "Blanche Devereaux" aka Rue McClanahan...was really more of a heroine in more ways than one. Reading about her political views, thoughts, and animal activism only makes me love her more.

She is more than a grab-bag of quotes and one-liners, nevertheless I know my fair share. I've "tweeted" plenty while watching The Golden Girls, waiting for sleep to come. Co-workers have listened patiently as I've told countless Blanche stories, as if I were talking about myself.

I've known Crawtators as long as I've known my dear friend Jana. I'm not sure how she always seems to known where she can buy them. She has GOT to know someone (her grandparents).

With all of her links to Louisiana, she is the most fleur-de-lis person I know. And what I mean by that is the culture is in her blood. The music. The food. The art. The swampy, dirty heat.

Good work, Ron Zappe.

Ask me about Trivial Pursuit. Or ask me how many editions I own or have played...go ahead, I can wait.

It's my ultimate favorite game. So Chris Haney, even though I didn't even know your name until it was in the headlines last week--BIG impact on me.

I started out with the "Young Players" edition in the teal box when the "grown-ups" were playing the one in the navy box (original Masters edition). And apparently the idea for TP came out of a conversation over a game of Scrabble.

Who knew? I"ll be arranging colored wedges in my wheel--after answering correctly and exclaiming, "Give me my piece of PIE!" for a very long time.

Do I need to include a discussion about Basketball? It's the game always played in a Carolina Blue hue for me--but props will be given as seen fit. John Wooden--this means YOU.

I walked into the restaurant and made my way to the bar, smiling at a friend and hopping up on the stool. I was introduced to the friendly bartender with long dark hair.

This is not the beginning of a joke. This was a Tuesday evening for me three weeks ago--and after last week, Mindy won't be behind the bar (physically) anymore. She was witty and fun. I'm happy to have known her, if only for a fraction of a mili-second of her short life.

Bernice Zigman, mother of author Laura Zigman--you must've been an amazing woman, because your daughter is as well.

Warm, peaceful thoughts have been floating all around. Smiles and tears, too.


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