Saturday, June 19, 2010


Accomplishing anything while a certain "little" sporting event is going on has been a bit difficult.

Or maybe I've completed some things (just not enough)...but all I can actually think about is the Fussball.

I've managed to watch FOUR complete matches LIVE:
Germany v. Australia
Germany v. Serbia
United States v. Slovenia
England v. Algeria

And snippets of others (only because of work).

This upcoming Wednesday should be interesting because all four matches are very, very important as to which two teams make it out of groups C & D. I have my eyes on you Germany & the U.S.

There are other teams I'd love to watch--Portugal and Italy (mainly) alongside the Netherlands. I guess we'll have to see how the second round unfolds after the group stage is over.

I've registered for my Fall classes:

Theories in Composition & Literature
Teaching Creative Writing
Advanced Fiction Workshop

And it appears that the required books are now available to see (purchase) as well--we all know how excited I get over BOOKS! Woop Woop!


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