Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simple Things


+Eating a bowl of half Rice Krispies/half Fruity Pebbles and washing it down with three "so-big-they-should-be-illegal" cups of coffee.

+Watching the History Channel with friends on a Saturday night, fingertips freshly stemmed from too-hot cheesy baked potatoes.

+Dancing to a “Gen-X” radio station at work with a new pharmacist while shouting, “That’s What See Said!” at inappropriately appropriate moments.

+Finding out the first "Yoga Mix" I put together is slowly making it's ways around the Bendy (and mentally-calm) of Memphis.

+Rushing home to watch World Cup Fußball and being able to see the U.S. "score" their first GOOOAAAALLLLL of 2010 LIVE versus England.

+Making a dish aptly called Hot Swamp Veggies to go alongside the "carnage" at a True Blood season premiere party...

...make me realize there are perfect moments scattered throughout these days.



Pablo said...

Hahaha, the small things of life... but I have to say that the tie was a big amount of luck for the USA. Liked your blog ^^.

janet said...


It definitely was a whole bunch of luck...THANK YOU!



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