Monday, May 26, 2008

Let's talk about SEX...:

(and the City)

Plenty has been written about the HBO blockbuster hit Sex and the City (which still lives on in edited reruns on at least two stations).

I've read sparkling reviews and negative critiques about everything from the fashion & friendships, the sex & men and all the relationships (on screen and off). It's all been analyzed to death, if you don't mind me saying so.

Nevertheless, you want MY opinion, right? Especially since the movie will be released at the end of the week (which is why my blog turned pink).


First, I do not (past or present) have HBO. I fell into the series when it was practically over. I was tired HEARING about it, but NEVER watching it and so I bought Season 2 circa the summer of 2002.

I was absolutely HOOKED! Less than a week later, I bought Season 3 and while waiting for Season 4 to become available I finally got my hands on Season 1. And I watched all of them over and over again!

I did some crazy things to be able to follow Season 5 (I won't mention them here).

When the final Season was announced, I actually had people TAPE episodes for me & hand them over on we could discuss them properly on Tuesday.

Y'all, these were straight MEN that did the taping (so don't even go there).

You get the idea. Obsessed. LOVED! LUSTED!

Do women really talk that way?
Do women really have bonds & friendships like that?
Do women really DO those things?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

So in honor of my four favorite television ladies (Golden Girls & the Original Designing Women are a close 2nd and 3rd) vaulting onto the big screen--I am going to do a daily dish on each one of reverse alphabetical order.

Tuesday: Charlotte York (MacDougal) (York-Goldenblatt)
Wednesday: Samantha Jones
Thursday: Miranda Hobbes
Friday: Carrie Bradshaw


p.s. IF ANYONE WANTS TO PLAY TRIVIA....just comment away!

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