Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friends, Readers, countrypersons,

lend me your ears;

I have come to let you know that my ability to blog has not fallen by the wayside after turning the lovely age of 30. It only got a bit muddy or extremely busy.

Since I am "off" from school during the month of May, I have spent enough time in the pharmacy aka "at work" to basically demand my own inflatable mattress to be set up at night so I don't have to bother with EVER leaving.

It's been a rough one (and there is two weeks to go). My body is practically begging to return to an educational setting AND fast.

There is nothing exciting to report from my short "breaks" from all the RX madness. I haven't had more than ONE day off "in a row" all month. Seriously. So with this 1 day off, I find myself wanting to sleep in as opposed to getting up and becoming a viable member of society for a few hours.

My favorite Orbit Gum:
5. Bubblemint
4. Spearmint
3. Mint Mojito
2. Sweet Mint
1. Positively Pomegranate

I discovered my "new favorite" this week. Positively Pomegranate is very tart and has a "smack you in the face" type smell. But I wouldn't say it's a "bad" smell. So yes, I just ranked gum & gave one flavor a mini-review.

Who knew I was a Gum connoisseur?

Moral of the blog? I shall do my best to keep you updated...especially now that class resumes in relatively short amount of time (thank goodness).



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