Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm a Charlotte:

(not really, just a little)

“Maybe we could be each others’ soul mates and then we could let men be these great, nice guys to have fun with.”

It was the "Park Avenue Pollyanna" aka Charlotte York Goldenblatt who said these wonderful words and really helped to define the whole series to me.

After watching the last section of "The Agony and the Ex-tacy" of Season 4 (first episode), I started thinking about all the soul mates (best friends), in my own life in a completely different way--more love, more respect and more laughter.

There is the Charlotte I will never be—prom queen, cheerleader, teen model, conservative young Republican who graduated from Smith with a degree in Art (minor in Finance).

There is the Charlotte I am—knitter, Episcopalian (she was), "Mommy" to her lovely four-legged child and absolutely always there for her friends despite difference of opinion.

There is the Charlotte I want to be--"eternal optimist, who always believes in love" (as Carrie pointed out with her book dedication).

Some of my favorite Charlotte Moments:

Heartwarming: it’s a tie between Season 4, episode 1—Charlotte suggests that her and the girls are really each other’s soul mates. AND later during the same season, episode 16—she offers up her engagement ring to Carrie as a down payment for her apartment.

Heart wrenching: Season 6, episode 12—Charlotte suffers a miscarriage after finally getting pregnant after a very long time of trying.

Hilarious: It’s a tie between "The Rabbit" AND the Season 3 opener when Charlotte gets completely hammered on Staten Island ice teas and dances to disco and later proclaims to New York that she’s getting married (even though she has no beau).

Honorable Mentions: Charlotte in the Hampton's (lying about her age) & Charlotte Harlotte in Atlantic City.



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Sarah B said...

I can't wait! 12:01 am I'm so there!!!


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