Sunday, February 25, 2007

Backlogged: RMK 2007

12 Things I've Learned This Week:

01) Tommy Haas really, REALLY likes Starbucks.

02) Andy Murray favors Pau Gasol. (Not a bad thing!)

03) Andy Roddick drinks LOTS o' water during matches. (I counted 8 bottles opened during the semis)

04) Otherwise healthy athletes can get the stomach bug too! No one is immune.

05) Venus Williams is back. She is!

06) Jamie Murray is everywhere. He's on the courts, he's watching courtside, and apparently he and I are in the SAME hallway at the SAME time on a regular basis.

07) There are no bad seats in Morgan Keegan Stadium. (I've sat almost everywhere except

08) The men AND ladies prefer the cap over the headband. (sorry Mardy Fish)

09) No matter how often a serve clocks in over 100 MPH, I am still going to be really, REALLY impressed.

10) Google this: "Andy Janet Memphis" and my blog comes up on the first page. I don't really know what that means, but it's cool!

11) Not only are Wozniacki and Gabashvili fun to say, they can play tennis too!

12) This whole thing starts over again in less than a year and I'm already counting down the days!


(originally "blogged" at The Memphis Edge)

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