Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Backlogged: RMK 2007

(originally posted at The Memphis Edge)

As I drove around town today (literally ALL around: Downtown, Midtown, East Memphis, Bartlett) I kept having to remind myself that it's February. There is a tennis tournament going on, it's pushing 70 degrees AND it's February.

Could it be because of all the hot tennis players we have in our midst?
Andy(s), Tommy, Mardy, & Venus: this means y'all!

After enjoying a wonderful evening of tennis last night (parking issues solved by my very own "chauffeur" experience in a Saturn) I can't wait to see what they have in store for us tonight. I won't be there in person (have I mentioned that already?), but I'll be glued to the television. Comcast, don't let me down.

A quick HELLO again to the person driving an "official car" down Poplar this afternoon. I waved. We're just THAT friendly here.

Predictions? I think/hope the Andy(s) (Roddick and Murray) will pull through.


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