Thursday, February 22, 2007

Backlogged: RMK 2007

Tennis Players gone WILD! No. Just kidding.

I admit that I like it when they get a wee bit feisty though!

Andy Roddick was definitely feisty last night. He was offering up verbal jabs with the chair umpire over first service calls. BAM! The ball slams and the line judge dodges out of the way. BAM! again!

I guess it's human nature to run away from a speeding bullet, but when it's your JOB to watch and see where the ball lands...what do you do? Andy says you need to go ahead and get hit.

What? I bet a small object traveling at 120+ MPH would hurt. Of course, that's what a line judge is paid to do. There is always a chance of being hit by a ball.

Hazard pay? Maybe.

& now Andy Murray is also having a running conversation with the chair umpire today.

No. Of course not.

This is the game of gentlemen and ladies. I doubt there will be a rumble between the players that spills into the stands anytime soon. Fans might scramble for balls or towels thrown by players into the crowd. We can handle that!


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