Saturday, January 8, 2011

Really: Happy Birthday!

(continuing from yesterday)

Of course, if you live in Memphis you've heard of Ugly Mug coffee (if you haven't, I am a little disappointed in you).

If fact, it was "Hardy Passion" that is partially responsible for getting me through my first semester of graduate school.

I’ve had my Limited Edition Elvis coffee too! (Sorry, obviously I enjoyed all of mine a while ago--you can just look at the lovely picture provided)…

Ugly Mug does have “Blue Suede Shoes” currently available if YOU are interested though.

Speaking of Blue Suede shoes...did you see Edison Peña's awesome shoes at the Grizzlies game last night? (Or maybe hear his rendition on television?)

Rescued Chilean miner, an Elvis fanatic, visits Graceland in Memphis

He's cutting the birthday cake at Graceland and everything else today. Very cool!

This year (to coincide with Elvis Week) the Elvis Mr. Potato Head became available, which means I got an Elvis spud for Christmas a couple weeks ago…

You can also see my "mini" Elvis ornaments (the big ornaments have already been packed away) and more limited edition wine in this picture too.

Between the pictures and the CDs and the doll (or this one) and the calendars and the aforementioned collectibles I've detailed already--I'd have to remind you:


Thank you, thank you very much!


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