Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello Dali!

For the love of high art
I am going to the High Art
to see the "late work"
Salvador Dali exhibit.

There are a few rare
painting, including a couple
that haven't been seen
in public (or the U.S.)
in over 50 years!

This will be the first time
I've visited a museum in
Atlanta--okay, not true.

I did visit the
Margaret Mitchell
house about ten years ago.

But this will be my "last" Georgia adventure of 2010 because then it's off to Memphis...(after I go back through Alabama and Mississippi).

To-Read Over Break list:
(finish) Where I'm Calling From (stories) by Raymond Carver
Runaway (stories) by Alice Munro
The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf
All Aunt Hagar's Children (stories) by Edward P. Jones
The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

Jones and Diaz will be at AWP in February, so that's the big motivation there. The other three have just been calling out to me lately.

I also plan on knitting up a storm. Needles and yarn, beware! I hope you're cold because I see a lot of scarves in your very near future.


P.S. Click here for information about Dali's "Meditative Rose."

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