Saturday, December 11, 2010

Five More To Go....

(semesters of grad school, that is.) Because I've completed my first!!

It took a marathon-style 48 hours of working diligently on my most scholarly (researched) paper, which may be the reason the middle of my back feels like a wall of bricks.

While on campus yesterday, I stopped by a couple offices to get a few things in order before I leave town (that's when I snapped this photograph).

Grades? I've already had a couple people ask me "how" I've done--give me a break, already! This is graduate school and I'm done for the semester. I'm not concerned with grades. I don't think there is time to really think about such anymore. (Really).

And what's really ironic, is this paper had a section discussing historical aspects of grading in the American higher educational system. But let's get out of my academic mind.

Best Gifts of the Season Thus Far:
A jar of homemade Apple Butter
A tin of homemade Chocolate-covered Macaroons
A roll of toilet paper

I'm not kidding. This roll has saved me a trip to the's a miracle.

Speaking of the holiday season, downtown Milledgeville really likes their decorations. I'm practically living in Whoville (before the Grinch, obviously). There are lights and wreaths and red ribbons everywhere. I'm a sucker for tiny white lights (so star-like) and they seem to be everywhere.

"Front Campus"--named so because it faces the main street through historic downtown, features three large, majestic buildings (like the one pictured above) and the monstrous wreaths all feature tiny white lights.

I have yet to see any of those large plastic figures (usually lit from within) that seem to be all the rage in suburban Memphis. It's strange and pretty all at the same time.

(Realization: I moved here on August 9 and I finished the semester on December 9)

Most of my classmates have already left for home. The ones who have not are second or third year and are still finishing up grading papers (that will be me next year).

Last night seven of us went to the movies--we saw the newly released Narnia film.There is something quite humorous about a packed theater filled with people in 3D glasses.

I'm spending the rest of my day cleaning (what?) so when I return in January, it will be all sparkly and new again.


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