Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sacré Bleu!

One word game at a time? child's play!

Several games with several different people? better!

And that's where we are today.

One of my absolute best friends and I have started a game in FRENCH.
The kicker?

Neither one of us speaks French!
Neither one of us took French in school!

This is just a completely random ATTEMPT to complete a board in a different language.

Luxe! Toile! Lac! Je! Moi! Oui! Pave! Mie! Soin!

I do not know exactly what I have spewed forth, but it's all over our board! I have an idea!
(Plus, who really knew BOB was universal?)

& notice how I have blanked out my letters...I didn't want my friend to see the ******* letter word in French I'm about to throw down. Okay. So, I don't know a seven letter French word.

& notice that I am currently losing...(I have won all our games in English, I guess I can let her win the French ones)...

This is what the cool people do in the middle of the night on Facebook!



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