Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Parcel!

For several years now, my dear friend MELISSA and I have been exchanging Halloween-inspired gift boxes. She lives in Indiana, I (of course) in Memphis.

Originally it was because we are "older" and felt a little silly being sooo IN LOVE with the season, but now we know that it's okay to celebrate & it is super fun getting goodies in the mail!

My BOOTY This Year:

1. the funniest presidential/political/Halloween card EVER!
2) fabulous WITCHY socks (how freakin' adorable?)
3) APPLE foot scrub....should feet smell THIS good?!?!
4) An adorable tin filled with candy...yum yum...and Italian pralines!
5) Does anyone ever get "tired" of Pumpkin candles? NO NO NO!
6) Mini Halloween equipage...I'll have to make bake goodies again for local friends...
8) ETC., ETC.,

I appreciate this tradition SO very much. I only hope she's half as satisfied with my parcel as I am with hers.

What do you do for Halloween?


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