Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumn Fallin'

Although this album was released LAST November, I wasn't introduced to Jaymay until this year.

You can hear some of her songs on her Myspace (follow the link above). The album is available via iTunes, Amazon, etc etc etc.

Track listing:
gray or blue
sycamore down
blue skies
sea green, see blue
autumn fallin'
you'd rather run
hard to say
big ben
ill willed person

you are the only one i love

I wish I could put into words the greatness of this album. It's folksy and poetic. It's emotional and raw. It is definitely one of my favorites and is in heavy rotation in my life!

All Hail Last.FM for introducing me to Jaymay!

Last.FM is quite an amazing website. I recommend checking it out...I dare you to create a profile--I bet you'll be blown away by all the new tunes and artists you'll discover!It has led me to several "new" artists (mostly independent)...and I must say this is a GOOD THING!

Jaymay is currently part of a list of rotating artists featured as part of The Hotel Cafe Tour 2008. If she drops by a venue by you, check her out. (I'll be completely jealous!)

And I'm winning you with words because I have no other way...


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