Friday, April 20, 2007

notebooks & bookbags & pens! OH MY!

As you can see by the time elapsed since my last update, nothing REALLY has happened in the land of "student revisited." Strike that, reverse it (ti esrever)!

I've registered AND paid for both sessions of the Summer my Life. That's 10 credit hours total and many dollars GONE from my checking account. I have managed to keep relatively calm while I wait and wait and wait for the first day of classes (40 days from now).

This morning at work I was chatting about something work-related (maybe?) and then I suddenly went into panic mode. SCHOOL SUPPLIES. I have to buy school supplies. I haven't bought school supplies in *tumbleweed blows by* SEVEN years. ACK!

1) a bookbag or something similar...CHECK! A 2.5-year ago graduated Pharmacist offered up his dust-collecting bag. SCORE!

2) notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, whiteout, erasers, paper, folders, highlighters...etc etc etc.

so afterwork I purchased:
2 notebooks (college ruled, I've never been one for WIDE ruled)
1 package of 6 mechanical pencils (never one for the wooden ones)
*they are kinda shiny pink, gold, green, blue, purple and yellow*
1 package of brite liner bic highlighters (yellow, pink, blue, green, orange)
1 package of papermate ball point pens (blue, red, orange, purple ink)
*I'll really use my lovely drug rep pens, they write better*
1 liquid paper correction pen
1 package of unlined notecards
1 mini box of Hershey's 60 cal. Chocolate Sticks
*a stressed out purchase that will probably be gone before tomorrow*

3) I've come to the realization that I really, really need to purchase a laptop computer/notebook by next summer.

These realizations all caused a lovely session of heavy breathing and mini-panic attacks today. ESPECIALLY the laptop realization. ACK!

Tomorrow night when I am in Tunica, MS, celebrating my Mother's birthday at the casinos, I will be shouting "Mama needs some laptop money!" everytime I approach a slot machine.


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