Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Friend #9:

Proof that my favorite contemporary author (LAURA ZIGMAN) thinks I'm brant-able (her super cool word for blogging and ranting outloud)...

Since I can't get the screen caption from her site much bigger, I am including the text for you to read:

Laura’s going a bit outside the box here with NF #9 — Janet — a person she knows only from Myspace. Janet is younger than Laura (big surprise: everyone is younger than Laura), and lives in Memphis, TN, where she’s working a job-job before going back to school to finish her degree in English and Journalism, or English and Creative Writing (Laura really should do her homework before she starts writing about someone). Janet also wants to write, and Laura hopes she gives it a go since Janet is obviously a passionate reader and all good writers are passionate readers.

Laura can’t even remember who started emailing first (Laura assumes she herself started when she “found” Janet [through a process of searching for her name to see who if anyone on Myspace had included her in their list of “favorite authors”] and Janet was good enough to write back) but after a few back-and-forths they exchanged stories and Laura found out that Janet was going through that incredibly horribly rough and misery-inducing phase known as “the late 20s” when everything sucks and it seems like it’s never going to get better. But Laura is certain that Janet’s life is going to improve tons really really soon.
In the meantime, before Janet gets completely carried away with her soon-to-be-fabulous life, spending lots and lots of time with all the new friends she’ll make at school and doing all sorts of cool college stuff and completely forgetting about anyone on Myspace (“Myspace? What’s Myspace??”), Laura feels very lucky to have such a lovely pen-pal*

*For people Janet’s age who might not be familiar with this rather antiquated term, “pen-pal” means “someone with whom one exchanges letters.”

copyright Laura Zigman 2007

p.s. Thanks for help with the Screen Caption, Marlene!

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