Monday, June 27, 2011

Child of Glass

(or creepy memories in the form of a blue ghost)

Years of asking, "Have you seen the Glass Child?" have essentially paid off...thanks in part to my lax Internet skills.

After research, the facts probably are as follows:

In Germany circa 1989, AFN aired this Walt Disney made-for-TV movie Filled With Murder, Mystery...And Ghosts!

The movie centers on a boy who moves into an old, majestic Southern plantation in Louisiana with his family and becomes involved in the legends that haunt the home and surrounding land.

I, alongside my next-door neighbor friends watched it, recorded it (VHS tapes, yo yo yo), and promptly became obsessed:

Halloween became All Saint's Eve
We saw "restless spirits" everywhere (or was that just me?)
Midnight was a special, creepy hour
Any unexplained sound was a ghost (our age, nice)

My crush on the main character Alexander Armsworth was serious...and I was convinced that the role of Blossom (his mystery-solving best gal pal) was created for me. Why else would I get so emotional when Blossom sees Alexander waltzing with another?

Finding a copy of the movie today is apparently difficult. I've seen bids on Amazon starting at fifty bucks! It's been downloaded to YouTube as well, but I refuse to watch the entire thing unless it's on the VHS tape I recorded it on (more than twenty years ago).

By thinking about this movie (and finally finding information on it), I can see where the foundation for my current interest in otherworldly beings, astronomical planes, and apparitions originated.

Question: Do I "believe" in ghosts?
Answer: Yes.

More entries to follow!


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