Sunday, March 20, 2011

On the Road Again.


Now add music.


This is an explanation of just one way I keep myself sane whilst driving to and fro Memphis & Milledgeville (reverse it).

"Twin songs"


Since I pass/travel/occupy four states on my trip, I like to see how many times I can hear the SAME song on a local radio station albeit in a different state.

What? If a song is playing on a random radio station in Georgia, am I going to hear it later in Alabama?

Boring? or Why am I listening to the radio in the first place?

It's fun and interesting. It really keeps me entertained (especially when I land on overly religious or conservative talk radio). Wooo Jesus.

But I have rules (as all games should):

It can't be a contemporary song or a recent Top 40.
It has to be during the same trip.
& be on a DIFFERENT radio station entirely.

If you cross the state line, listening to the same station with the same song playing--it does not count. If you call in to request a song--it does not count. Understood?

Gems from my own trip(s):

"Another One Bites the Dust" (Queen) Mississippi then Alabama
"Brass in Pocket" (The Pretenders) Georgia then Alabama
"Just What I Needed" (The Cars) Alabama then Mississippi
"Hotel California" (The Eagles) Tennessee then Mississippi
"Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd) Georgia then Alabama

It's a rare occurrence, and I've yet to get a triple or quadruple song. Also, I've considered expanding my game to "twin artists." This past trip I heard the Rolling Stones in two states (Georgia and Alabama) but they were different songs (Paint it Black and Honky Tonk Woman).

I guess "classic rock" is the most prevalent choice for this game in the South.


Ironically, I haven't heard Willy Nelson on any of my trips...

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