Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party like it's 2001-2006!

He. Is. Back.

Who? Shane Battier.

(photo credit probably Nikki Boertman)

Dust off the autographs, cards, and newspaper articles...the Bobblehead, the CelebriDuck, and the jersey...

I don't have to explain my exuberance to you, Memphis. You understand why I'm as giddy as...a girl living in the wrong state who has to "watch" via the Internet.

I'm not complaining, of course.

Graduate school is graduate school--even if it means missing the homecoming of our dear one, our Citizen Shane.

(Although I did tell some I was going to drop out and speed away in the middle of the night just to catch a game--but that's what SPRING BREAK is for!)

*Embarrassing "Historical Content" to Follow*

I went searching through my private journals, knowing I had juicy material about the night Shane was traded away. I found it. I guess it isn't half bad for almost five years ago. The following was written 6/29/2005 in response to NBA Draft Night:
Say it Ain't Shane...

It's better to have Loved than to never have Loved at all?

correction: It's better to have Shaned than to never have Shaned at all.

Sure, it has potential to be the 2nd greatest Draft Night in Grizz history, but why does it hurt so bad? Because this hurts. Like Adam Morrison admitted to TEARS in a commercial as well as an interview last might, I shall admit to tears of my own. Yes, I'm an emotional person and Yes, I cried. Why NOT cry?

The city is losing one of it's prominent Good Guys. Remember that goofy photo of Mr. Battier in a CAPE a few years ago? He can go ahead and put it back on, and someone give him a permanent M to wear across his chest as well.

Batt-man, becomes Memphis-man, or MOXIE-man (my favorite Shane-word)

St. Jude and the Zoo will miss him. The dozens of children dribbling basketballs (and reading) will miss him as well.

Now the Memphis/Shane Fans? Once you've let Shane into your heart, it's not as if he is leaving anytime soon. He sticks there...and refuses to let go.

We hope for him the ultimate best, because that is what he always gives. We also hope he will always be a part of this city--because we love him like our brother, our son, and our best friend. And because HE is Shane, we know that these two hopes will come true.
Well! Guess what, kids? (See the above!)


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