Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Classic Bibliophile:

A couple years ago I got on a F. Scott kick.

(still love him to pieces)

Now it's time to make room for Virginia.

I've been "collecting" her works from the used bookstore, and now I feel I have a decent selection to read from...

Mrs. Dalloway
A Room of One's Own (reading now)
To The Lighthouse
The Voyage Out

and today I picked up the Complete Shorter Fiction, which really helps me out (since I write short fiction). I'll finish this selection (she called these sketches) of 45 works before I get back to reading her novels.

Anything in stream of consciousness requires extra care when reading...and depending on your "state of mind" at the time, the story can read differently.

I know there is a lot more out there (I always look for her at the used bookstore), but I have more than enough to keep me busy for now.

Speaking of BUSY, I found another first edition John Updike today (now I have two)--S. and Museum & Women...this just adds to all the books I have "to read." According to my profile over at Goodreads.com, I have more than 90 books just waiting to be devoured.

What's a girl to do?

Keep reading and writing and buying books (used). They are my big, grand comfort in the world. As a writer (according to the IRS, to be a writer means to have sent out at least one manuscript in hopes of publication)...and a would-be professor (which I'll be qualified to do once I finish my MFA), books are more than my hobby.

They are my profession, my scholarly obsession.



Rachel M. said...

don't forget The Waves! Love it!

janet said...

As soon as I see it at a used bookstore, I will snatch it up. I think Rebecca has also talked about The Waves...


Tara Mae said...

I LOVE Woolf. I took an undergrad class where we read The Waves, To the Lighthouse (my favorite), Jacob's Room, and Mrs. Dalloway. It was a great class.

charles said...

Found this by accident. Hope you're doing well on Woolf. I'm teaching Mrs. Dalloway right now, maybe my 4th or so time reading it over the years. It makes more perfect sense every time. This time I can't help relating it to Deleuze & Guattari, rhizome & nomad theory, A Thousand Plateaus, etc. It's how the world comes together (or doesn't).


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