Monday, March 30, 2009

Et tu, Coach Cal?

The “fear” was palpable today on campus, no doubt about it.

I saw it behind the eyes of everyone in Memphis blue. We are a town of Blues, by the way. The irony is never lost on me.

Will he stay or Will he go? (I'll stop before I ruin a brilliant song.)

What about the $$$? So, what about the $$$? I can’t even imagine the amount of money being tossed around in conversation, so I won’t include figures here.

The thought of Coach Cal being lured away in the night, ironically enough for greener pastures (it is horse country up there) feels extremely personal. It makes me sick to my stomach. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

(Can a girl include too many clichés in one blog posting?)

As a soon-to-be Memphis alumna + basketball FANATIC, I feel as if I have a right to state my case about the subject.

If there is one thing John Calipari is good at (there are several, I know) it would have to be his ability to talk up the town. There was a great article in the Commercial Appeal specifically about this talent.

He’s a big dose of confidence for the city and the university.

Cal makes us feel good about ourselves. The city in which I live, the university in which I attend has a problem with our self-image. Our own reflects bothers us.

Confidence. I mean the ability to look ourselves in the mirror and realize:

“Hey—I’m not that bad. In fact, I’m kinda awesome!”

Cal fights for the little guys. The underdog. He's spent so much time defending our school. Our city. Our team. Our conference.

And now he wants to turn around and coach for the "big cats," so to speak?

Et tu, Coach Cal?

There is only one Adolph Rupp. Just like there is only one Dean Smith. Why even go there?

If it isn't the money, what else is it? An NCAA title? We're on the verge. We are on the verge. WE ARE ON THE VERGE. (Do I have to say it again?)

Why go to a place and live in the shadows of the former, when you’re doing a great job carving a new path—a new way on your own already?

By the way, it took Rupp 18 seasons before he had his first title.

It took Smith 21.

We are looking forward to season ten, Coach Cal. The pieces are falling into place now. The stars are in alignment. Stop talking for a minute and listen. Can you hear it?

Your destiny is calling. OUR destiny is calling.

It’s right here, in the little city alongside the Mississippi river.

No where else.



Anonymous said...

I hope he stays :(

Unknown said...

Great post, and it also sums up the feelings of Tiger fans across the country. Be an icon at Memphis or be another coach at UK.


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