Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bundles of nerves, everywhere.

And back on campus...

Listening to opinions, questions and ideas.

Heated cell phone conversations. Pondering. Hushed tones...

We sit and wait. We go to class.

This morning we collectively covered our eyes while looking at the modular design of various front pages across the country.

Lexington Herald-Leader, I mean you.

There was a riveting lecture about British Literature (Modernism). Yes, actually very interesting. Then students started disappearing.

An announcement? Check your BlackBerry. No? Nothing official? Okay.

The pale yellow tulips are opening up. Little faces welcoming the new bright blue sky. The clouds seem to be rolling away. Ever. So. Slightly.

An announcement? Turn on the radio. No? Nothing official? Okay.

No news is good news, did someone once say? I beg to differ at this point in the day. So I continue to imagine it all in my mind:

I see you shiver with anti-ci-........SAY IT! pation.



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