Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Turn It In (dot com):

Otherwise known as the place where essays and term papers go to die.

So there is a website that teachers/professors can use to compare alllllll the papers ever written (and turned in) to one another to see if there is any academic dishonesty taking place.

(I saw this mentioned in an episode of Law & Order: SVU once, who knew?)

I had to use this program to turn in my big midterm essay for Brit Lit. I was very curious as to HOW it would read my work/writing/ideas. I knew I didn't copy a damn thing from anywhere and so I submitted my paper last night completely confident--with no WORRY or DREAD whatsoever.

This morning I checked it, just for giggles, and found out that I had 6 words similar to an essay turned in 2 years ago at some prep school. That was IT!

I'm glad to know that 2 years ago, some student at some prep school was 6 words as awesome as me!

But really, as a self-proclaimed Nerdy McNerdster who would rather fail a course than EVER cheat (I know, how honest am I?)...I'm glad to know that even 6 words (in a sequence of 9 words) would raise a little red flag.

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