Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Know Her, is to Love Her:

God Bless Geoffrey Chaucer and his Canterbury Tales.

We have spent several class periods discussing various parts/tales in my Brit Lit class. I admit my own ignorance circa ten years ago. Now I can admit that Mr. Chaucer is a genius.

Why? Well, his masterpiece is still discussed in classrooms everywhere. Not bad for something 500+ years old, right?

Taken from something I have written for class:

We are first introduced to the Wife of Bath in the General Prologue. She has a red/ruddy complexion and is a little deaf. We find out that she is a talented cloth maker who’s “cover chiefs” are so elaborate that they probably weighed “ten pounds.”

She is very charitable and gives more on Sunday than anybody else gives. She is very well travelled having been to Jerusalem (three times), Rome, and Cologne (for example). She has been married 5 times and is full of laughter and gossip. She also knows about love remedies.

I will save you from the rest, but I must say that "the whole thing" (the Tales) really lives on today because they reach in and speak personal truths about human nature. GENIUS!


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