Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The NeverEnding Story:

Forgive me so for being sprawled between the vowels, consonants, and the political theories of Hobbes and Locke over the last 11 days. Obviously, it has been difficult for me to maintain equipoise.

This summer session has been flying by at warp speed. My days consist of early morning showers & mid morning traffic. Britain/England since 1714 has thinned out now and typically there are anywhere from 7-9 other souls sharing the spaces in between the pre & postindustrial strife.

New friends: John Locke & Jeremy Bentham
(I don't really know how someone can be friends with old dead philosophers either, but I am)

New obsession: Scrabulous!
(I've not even won a handful of games yet, but I know how to play Qi and Xi like a pro now)

Aside from the world of academia I have been quite busy watching Euro 2008 (as previously mentioned). I don't know what I will do come Sunday evening after the Finals. And just in case you didn't know, GERMANY will be playing...

Speaking of my second favorite country, I was able to test out of the language requirement for my degree! I went in to take my placement exam on a Friday and 12 minutes later I knew my results.

I will have to take another test (and pay a fee) in order to receive the credit for the classes I tested out's cheaper than taking two more's a NeverEnding Story (not unlike the original story, did you know it was German too?)...

fare-thee-well for now.


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Anonymous said...

how many points i equipoise worth?


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