Monday, March 19, 2007

can I have a money tree?

When did college become so darn expensive?

I understand that education is priceless, but who knew it was so PRICEY!

If this was 1996, I could purchase NINE semesters for what it will cost me to pay for 4 semesters today. This is at a public university. It has literally DOUBLED. And I'm not even including BOOKS in this equation. This is straight out TUITION.

I am trying to do this all withOUT taking out another student loan. I'm working without a safety net. At least I don't see one right now!

Cross your fingers. Cross your toes.


1 comment:

Stephanie G said...

Yay school!!!! You'll love it!!!! Hey - I'm coming into town this weekend. Friday through Monday. Come see me!!!!!


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