Thursday, May 10, 2012


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I couldn't even follow my own "goals" or "plans" over the last five months. I do have the rest of the year to catch up, right? RIGHT?!

The last two weeks have been hectic enough (let alone the previous seventeen before that):

  • Finishing my second semester (my first year) of teaching!
  • Finishing my fourth semester (my second year) of my degree!
  • Chronologically turning another year older (wiser)!
  • Watching the class ahead of me graduate (on a lovely Friday night)!
  • Listening to my current (now Master of Fine Arts) roommate packing :(
  • Getting ready for my new roommate to move in :)

Look at all verbs up there. You'd think I was building some sort of resume or better yet, a c.v. (curriculum vitae). Actually, I've been doing that--building my c.v. Wanna see a publication?

Introducing "Revelation" (flash fiction) in current issue of The Medulla Review (3.2)!

I was also a finalist (with a different story) for publication in The Masters Review. What's strange about this accomplishment is the differing opinions I have since received about my story. So another revision is in the works...oy vey!

Twelve months until graduation...classes (including four classes I'll be teaching) alongside another issue of the Flannery O'Connor Review and Arts & Letters. OH! And my thesis, the next great American collection of short stories (or "ring of stories" or "novel in stories").

I hope to do a better job of documentation.


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