Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did You Say Something?

Because I really can't hear you for all the work.

I love the work, let's just make that part clear...but there is a lot of it. A LOT. A full on gaggle of work (which is equal to at least five geese not in flight). What?

A full grown Canada Goose can weigh up to 24lbs. 24 x 5 = about 120 pounds of Geese, or work (to complete my metaphor)

I may be losing my mind. But if I know I "may" be losing my mind, if I have some sort of realization than am I "really" losing anything at all?

poorly PICTURED (because I can't find the battery charger for my nifty point-and-shoot camera) here:

(top to bottom)

Black binder (class I'm teaching)
Pink binder (class I'm taking)
Two (not required) books (helping me teach)
ReMix: the required reader (class I'm teaching)

the Pink Legal pad contains notes I'm taking while grading the first formal assignment my class has's sitting on top of the aforementioned stack of essays I'm too afraid to actually write on yet (hence taking notes on the Pink Legal pad)...

Then there are two (required) books for the class I'm taking...I have read one and am finishing the other (not pictured is the required textbook for the same class)...

Hidden below that is a mini grade book (for the class I'm teaching) and then the two helpful (required) writing books for the same class...

Sharpies, notecards...

Another big ol' stack of papers (including) work I am reading for the class I'm taking, MY OWN notes and a story for the THESIS I'm Am I forgetting something?

I'm firmly in the "Stage of Denial," which is the first stage in the Five Stages of Grading (based on the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stage model of coping with grief)...

BUT the grief is good grief (think Charlie Brown) and I loooooove it!


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