Saturday, May 21, 2011

She was a Day Tripper

One way ticket, yeah
It took me so long to find out
and I found out

--The Beatles

What's the best thing to do on a Friday afternoon in a state that's not your own? Take a day trip, of course. So we met in Juliette, GA, where they filmed the 1991 classic, Fried Green Tomatoes...

Based on the novel (with practically the same name) by Fannie Flagg. A novel I have read. I movie I have seen on more than one occasion. In fact, we studied it in a Contemporary American Literature course I took eons ago.

The food was delicious. The town was just as sweet. Friendly people, warm atmosphere. While signing guestbooks in several shops I noticed that fans are still flocking to this tiny town comprised of one street. The movie first hit theaters TWENTY years ago.

I didn't have any barbecue, but I did see where Big George made it. The secret is in the sauce (and hiding in a place no bigger than a flea). There's already been talk of going back soon and revisiting. It's less than an hour away, after all.


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