Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Cucumber Melon
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Am I naming off "scents" from my latest handmade soap purchasing frenzy?

Definitely Not! I prefer:
Silk & Cyanide

I am actually telling you about Buttercup's most recent trip to the Vet (in a round about way).

And more specifically the otic cleansing solution I just finished torturing her with....actually she handles it very well.

But honest to goodness it is "infused with essence of sweet pea and vanilla"...WHAT?

My smoosh-face Buttercup now smells like...that. Which may sound appealing, but you have to understand that she has a nasty ear infection right now. Nasty to the point of needing a combination steroid, antibacterial, and antifungal ointment instilled in her ears twice a day.

Professional websites (Vet) say that an infected dog ear smells "extremely foul" or have that "distinctive cheesy" smell...I'll leave the description up to the professionals because my adjectives are less appealing.

So Sweet Pea & Vanilla on top of extremely foul cheese? Think about it. REALLY think about it!

I guess after the ten days of ointment (which she handles like a pro) it will become more appealing. But right now it just seems strange. And it smells..."strange" too.

I appreciate the idea though. And it smells a lot better than Cucumber Melon (that was last year's solution). Although I can't stomach the idea of Japanese Cherry Blossom and cheese...

I can't imagine having to say, "No! Not the cherry blossom, we prefer the sweet pea." But I will!

(This is what happens when your best friend is prone to ear infections. You write blog entries that just don't smell right.)


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